What We Do Matters: Natalie Hosier

Transparency + Accessibility + Value

Myers and Stauffer provides meaningful careers where our associates know their work truly makes a difference in the lives of others. In January, we feature Natalie Hosier (senior manager, Indianapolis), who shares her thoughts on how her work with pharmacy price transparency shapes her perspective on its implications for fragile populations, including people like her nephew.

I do what I do because helping our clients create increased transparency within their programs allows for additional or enhanced services for their members. We are able to assist with transparency by conducting analyses to assess program policy compliance, including fiscal evaluations to identify instances of over-payment relating to pharmaceutical products.

This resonates with me personally as a pharmacist and as an aunt. As a pharmacist, it is important to me that individuals are given the utmost care in every aspect of their health. As an aunt, I have a nephew who has autism. With an autism diagnosis, there comes a significant need for multiple services, including speech therapy, physical therapy, and behavioral therapy, to name a few. At his diagnosis, we were told that he would likely be non-verbal for his life. Luckily for my nephew, he was able to get access to those services and today is completely verbal. Helping our clients with transparency increases accessibility of critical services to individuals like my nephew who have autism or other disabilities.  

Get to Know Natalie

Dr. Hosier is a registered pharmacist and health care senior manager. She serves as a clinical and technical advisor for the firm’s pharmacy engagements with the federal government and six state Medicaid agencies. Her responsibilities range from serving as lead pharmacist for a Pharmacy Pricing and Audit Consultant engagement to team lead for a comprehensive pharmacy program overview.

Dr. Hosier is involved in a number of analytical and clinical services surrounding evaluation and reimbursement recommendations for rate setting, physician-administered-procedure coded drugs, 340B program evaluation, cost/benefit analyses of preferred drug list/prior authorization programs, specialty drugs, pharmacy claims analysis, drug rebates and cost containment opportunity evaluations.

Positive Impacts 

Myers and Stauffer is proud to help our clients serve those who are most vulnerable. Our staff feel empowered to know that their hard work and dedication each day makes a difference. We believe it and so do the millions of individuals helped by the clients we serve. We will release new stories each month highlighting associates and their stories. Follow along with our LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram for more information.