What We Do Matters: Lesli Elting

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Myers and Stauffer provides meaningful careers where our associates know their work truly makes a difference in the lives of others. This month, we feature Lesli Elting, CPA (Senior Manager, Kansas City), as she shares her perspective on how the work we do encourages high-quality care for health care recipients across the country.

“The work we do encourages providers to develop efficient ways to maintain high-quality care that benefits all patients. For instance, our cost report reviews help ensure proper use of state funds for patient-care expenses. From our work, states can also gather insights that guide decisions about how to allocate funding in ways that provide the most benefit to their unique providers and populations. Having lived in both rural and urban areas throughout my life, it’s apparent how different the health care needs of those populations can be, so it is rewarding to be part of the process that allows states to support that care.”  Lesli Elting, CPA (Senior Manager, Kansas City)

Get to Know Lesli

Lesli has health care accounting skill and experience specifically focused on Medicaid reimbursement. She performs supervisory reviews of Florida Medicaid and Missouri Medicaid cost reports, actively ensures client requests completion, and routinely engages in staff training. She conducts reviews relating to Florida Medicaid litigation cases and oversees a project to verify hospital Medicaid inpatient and outpatient rates for the state of Florida. Lesli has worked on several disproportionate share hospital survey reviews in Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, and Texas.

Positive Impacts 

Myers and Stauffer is proud to help our clients serve those who are most vulnerable. Our staff feel empowered to know that their hard work and dedication each day makes a difference. We believe it and so do the millions of individuals helped by the clients we serve. We will release new stories each month highlighting associates and their stories. Follow along with our LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram for more information.