What We Do Matters: Jessica Loredo

Meaning + Family + Progress

This month, we share another story, this time from Jessica Loredo, (senior accountant, Atlanta). She talks about how her own personal experiences have influenced her values and her work, shaping her outlook, inspiring her to learn more, and ultimately encouraging her in her desire to help others.

“I started working at the age of 18 at an after-school program run by GCAPP – Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power & Potential, an Atlanta agency (founded by Jane Fonda) whose mission is to prevent teen pregnancy.

In doing that work, I found real satisfaction in helping others. That’s important to me because I grew up in an area where you see the need all around you, all the time. With that first job, I could see the difference I was making in peoples’ lives. So when you become an adult, the first thing you want to do is help others.

After that first job, I wanted to continue to help. I worked at a dental office where I learned about Medicaid and how doctors work and handle clinics and, in that office environment, how Medicaid and commercial insurances work and differ. That experience helped me understand how all the pieces fit together and how important it is for providers to treat patients with Medicaid and be in those areas that are often not accessible. It really kept me interested in what I do.

When I went back to college, I was referred (accidentally!) to Myers and Stauffer and started work as an administrative assistant. I worked in that role for a year while I finished my Bachelors, and along the way, I learned about our projects and discovered a completely different side to health care and insurance. In particular, I learned about the state side of things and how our company helps funding get to these clinics.

I knew then that Myers and Stauffer was a part of something.

When I got the chance to be an intern, I saw how our company really does play a big part in making sure that providers, such as clinics, are doing what they are supposed to be doing so that they qualify for and receive funding. That, in turn, ensures patients receive good-quality services, even though they may not have the means compared to others.

Being involved in that and having the chance to talk to state clients and see how they have to follow guidelines and federal regulations tells me the work that we do are not typical audits. Still, we want providers to feel comfortable, and our goal is to ensure they are giving proper services to those patients.

Now that I’ve been here six years, I really can’t see myself anywhere else. At Myers and Stauffer, we see every side: the client side, which is the government, the provider side…the doctors working at big institutions and small clinics, and how patients are actually using these programs.

I can see the entire cycle…the whole big circle. And that’s what keeps me going every day – to know that we’re actually helping many people have better quality health services.”

Jessica Loredo, (Senior Accountant, Atlanta)

Get to Know Jessica

Jessica performs pre-payment analysis and conducts post-payment desk reviews for Promoting Interoperability programs (formerly knowns as electronic health record [EHR] incentive payments). She performs examinations, reviews, and agreed-upon procedures engagements in accordance with American Institute of Certified Public Accountants guidelines for the nursing facilities for the Georgia Department of Community Health. She also performed review work for the Colorado Hospital Transformation Program.

Positive Impacts 

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