What We Do Matters: Colleen Lancey

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In April, we feature Colleen Lancey, CPA (Senior Manager, Kansas City). She shares her perspective on how growing up in rural Pennsylvania gave her real appreciation for disproportionate share hospitals and how much meaning she finds in working on programs that fund these important facilities.

“Helping our state clients is a highlight of my work. Health care is so complex, and many states have a tough time navigating the rules and regulations. Since the start of the disproportionate share hospital (DSH) rule, we have helped clients improve their state plans and programs to ensure the right hospitals are getting the help they need. Ensuring the proper allocation of funding allows hospitals to keep their doors open and helps patients who otherwise may not have easy access to care.

I grew up in a very poor, rural area of Pennsylvania where many people had extremely limited means. The one hospital in my hometown is a critical-access hospital that receives DSH funding. Having the opportunity to work on a program that enables these types of hospitals to continue to care for low-income individuals is very rewarding. I thoroughly enjoy working with states on DSH programs, improving processes and reducing inefficiencies along the way. There is a direct tie to the money that we as individuals contribute (tax dollars) and these health care programs. I’m very proud to be able to help that money go to the right places.” Colleen Lancey, CPA

Get to Know Colleen

Colleen serves as a project manager on various disproportionate share hospital (DSH) audit contracts. She directs staff on the daily activities of various Medicaid contracts, and her duties include communicating with hospitals and clients, collecting and analyzing data for various projects, training, and supervisory reviews. She assists the engagement partner in creating DSH modeling, reviews calculations based on the state plan, and assists with state plan amendments. She has worked on hospital reimbursement projects for four states, including state plan amendment review, data collection, DSH payment models, uncompensated care review, and reimbursement data analysis including certified public expenditures and intergovernmental transfers.

Positive Impacts 

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