Holiday Card Drawing Contest for Associates’ Children 

This holiday season, Myers and Stauffer brought back our holiday card design contest. Associates had the opportunity to submit their children’s artwork for a chance to be featured in our client holiday card. The theme for this year’s card is “Warm Wishes”. Final winners were selected from three different age groups and one grand prize winner. We are pleased to showcase the winners of the holiday card contest below! 

Grand Prize

Ryan – 17 years old, high school senior

“Since teaching myself how to use Adobe Photoshop to make my designs, it has always been a dream of mine to have one of them win in a contest. Looking back on when I first started, I never thought that anything I made would be used in something such as this, and yet here we are. Seeing how much I have improved on my designs over the years has always been fun for me. I always like to test myself to see just how far I can go when creating a new design. Considering that I only used six photos to create my final product for this holiday card, I am very proud of how it turned out. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to participate in this contest over the years. I’m glad my last year being able to participate was worth it! Happy holidays!”

Parent: Jennifer Kyritsis (director – managed care, Atlanta)

“Ryan has participated in the contest for several years and was very excited to win in his last year of eligibility as a high school senior! I always love to see where his creativity takes him in his designs. While he has taken many art classes and created many paintings, his focus shifted over the past few years to photo manipulation and developing expertise in Adobe Photoshop (along with copyright laws when using others’ photos, thanks to mom’s contracting background). He has created many designs for his friends and his high school and was eager to do the same to share with Myers and Stauffer. Thanks for providing this fun opportunity!”

High School 

Ashlyn – 17-years old, high school senior  

“I am honored to have been chosen as the First-Place Winner of the high school category. I don’t have much free time between school/work, but enjoy painting as a creative outlet.”

Parent: Jessie Edwards (senior accountant specialist – Kansas City)

“Ashlyn has always been very artsy, but mostly in the musical field. While she doesn’t paint often, she has the ability to draw/paint just from observation. The holidays are also her favorite time of year!”

Middle School

June – 11-years old, sixth grade

“I look forward to the holiday card contest every year and being able to share my artwork with others.”

Parent: Laura Kasamis (health care senior manager, Indianapolis)

“I love that Myers and Stauffer sponsors activities that allow us to include our families.  This is such a fun yearly tradition!” 

Pre-K/Grade School

Sophia Sheron– age 9, Fourth grade 

“I love Santa and always leave out milk and cookies for him on Christmas Eve.”

Parent: Yuliia Sheron (senior analyst, Indianapolis)

“Sophia has always been a very creative kid and is constantly engaged in some form of art, whether it is making holiday cards for the family and friends, decorating cake and cupcakes, or working on a clay creation. Looking forward to much more of her artwork.”

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