Ohio Department of Medicaid

Ohio Department of Medicaid

Myers and Stauffer LC is a certified public accounting and consulting firm that provides professional accounting, consulting, data management and analysis services to government-sponsored healthcare programs. Myers and Stauffer LC is the current Pharmacy Pricing and Audit Consultant (PPAC) with the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM). The primary roles of PPAC include the administration of the Ohio Average Acquisition Cost (OAAC) program, the oversight and audit of ODM’s single pharmacy benefit manager (SPBM) for the Medicaid managed care pharmacy program, and general consulting services for ODM regarding their Medicaid pharmacy benefit.

Important Contact Information
Pharmacy Help Desk:
Phone: 800.591.1183
Email: OHPharmacy@mslc.com
Survey Email: OHSurveys@mslc.com

Ohio Medicaid Pharmacy Pricing Information

OAAC Price Listings
The following Brand and Generic OAAC Price Listings are updated weekly and include current and historical OAAC pricing by product for up to a two year period. If you have trouble opening or downloading the files, please contact Myers and Stauffer at 800.591.1183 and ask for the Ohio pharmacy unit. (Please check back on October 1, 2022.)

NADAC Price Listings
Current and historical NADAC pricing is made available weekly by CMS here.

OAAC Rate Reviews

The following documents and links contain information on the OAAC rate review process and how providers can submit OAAC rate review requests and inquiries to Myers and Stauffer by form or online submission. (Please check back on October 1, 2022.)

Submit Your Rate Request Online
(Please check back on October 1, 2022.)

Pharmacy Survey Information

The below documentation contains information on recent Ohio pharmacy OAAC and pharmacy cost of dispensing (COD) surveys. If you have any questions about current or upcoming Ohio pharmacy surveys, please reach out to OHSurveys@mslc.com or call the pharmacy help desk at 800.591.1183 and ask for the Ohio pharmacy unit.

Other Relevant Information

This section contains other helpful links and resources for Ohio Medicaid participating pharmacy providers.