Stakeholder Engagement
Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement Services

As a partner to our clients, we provide full scope administrative and operational supports as well as assisting clients with particular focus areas, offering high level strategic input, conducting compliance, verification or evaluation services, or just being a sounding board. No matter the need, Myers and Stauffer is confident that we have the right solution.

Myers and Stauffer has conducted countless meetings with stakeholder focus groups for our clients. We often meet with various groups regarding discussion of significant policy or procedure changes related to reimbursement systems, payment rates, or reporting requirements. Our team meets with stakeholder groups in anticipation of state plan amendments, or public notices related to significant changes in methods and standards. We conduct comprehensive focus groups to discuss and learn about challenges such as those created by MMIS changeovers or implementations of significant program changes.

Our stakeholder engagement services include:

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Learning Collaboratives

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Myers and Stauffer helps our clients transform their Medicaid delivery systems in part by facilitating the sharing of best practices and fostering innovation and communication. These forums are especially critical when developing new techniques and strategies to better manage the delivery of health care services and improve health outcomes.

Some of these learning forums are through on-site or online learning collaboratives and symposiums. Through the use of a rapid cycle improvement process such as the Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) approach, we strive to create environments of continuous learning to help our clients identify and reduce gaps between desired and actual performance. Using this iterative process, course corrections can be rapidly deployed, evaluated, measured, and further adjusted, if needed. Our staff has extensive experience leading PDSA sessions and use this approach during learning opportunities.

Community-Based Needs Assessment and Environmental Scan

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As a result of our extensive health and human services work, we recognize the importance of conducting a community-based needs assessment in conjunction with an environmental scan. These elements are vital when the project or initiative involves the meaningful evaluation of program(s), the building of comprehensive strategic plans, or setting forth an approach to inform and guide continuous quality improvement.

Myers and Stauffer uses both environmental scans and community needs assessments to identify and leverage existing assets as well as possible gaps and needs. Our proven methods set the foundation for performing various types of comprehensive analyses leading to the discovery of several key factors necessary to produce a comprehensive community-based assessment and forward-focused strategic roadmap.

Communications Planning

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Complex projects involving various types of stakeholders call for a comprehensive communication plan. Myers and Stauffer recognizes that conducting communication planning activities ensures the efficiency and effectiveness of multi-faceted engagements. Our experienced project teams collaborate with our clients to develop custom communication plans that identify key participants and effectively manage the tone and messaging to be communicated throughout the project life cycle.

Myers and Stauffer has significant experience with actively managing stakeholder relations and in the development of comprehensive communication plans. Our approach considers the unique history and details associated with our clients’ specific engagement. Our approach to communication plan design and development includes creation of specific strategies, principles, and tactics to support implementation of our client’s initiatives.