Legislation and Regulation

Many states consider Myers and Stauffer their “boots-on-the-ground” partner in navigating the complexities of health care related legislation, statutes, and regulations. Our multi-disciplinary teams translate these intricacies and provide practical summaries and recommendations that help our clients make thoughtful and appropriate decisions. Drawing on this expertise, we develop uniquely customized policy and reimbursement solutions for our clients that support cost-effective delivery of high quality services. In addition, our teams regularly monitor federal and state policymaking initiatives to proactively identify, assess, and communicate Medicaid compliance-related issues to our clients.

Our legislation and regulation services include:

Amy Perry, CPA


Legislation and Statutes

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With more than 40 years of Medicaid program experience, Myers and Stauffer has achieved a significant national and state-level health care presence. Our professionals are at the forefront of legislative and statutory developments as they occur. We have the insight to quickly analyze implications and share our findings with our clients to mitigate potential negative consequences and leverage potential benefits. Our support for each engagement includes the following functions:

  • Summarize legislation and/or enacted statutes; analyze and identify aspects that pose anticipated impacts and unanticipated challenges to stakeholders; and communicate those issues and concerns to our client.
  • Model technical solutions and develop recommendations or acceptable process/system workarounds to ensure compliance.
  • Support these legislative and/or statutory changes by drafting federal Medicaid authorities, including state plan amendments, 1915(b)/(c), 1115, and 1332 waivers and assist in developing responses to CMS inquiries and write-back requests.


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Myers and Stauffer is widely recognized for our exceptional level of subject-matter knowledge and expertise. We are often called upon to provide critical regulatory support that ranges from assisting with rule drafting and promulgation, to developing implementation strategies and solutions. We support all of our state engagements with the following services:

  • Draft statutory law, regulations, policies, and guidance documents necessary to support program and pricing changes and achieve successful implementation.
  • Perform regulatory analyses and make recommendations to modify practices and procedures.
  • Provide expert testimony to explain technical rationale and clarify program and policy changes.
  • Draft technical responses for write-back requests and other communications with state agencies, legislators, or stakeholders to minimize the time involved in decision making and approval.
  • Design and provide comprehensive stakeholder training and outreach, which is essential for achieving buy in and compliance.
  • Draft federal Medicaid authorities, including state plan amendments, 1915(b)/(c), 1115, and 1332 waivers and provide support for CMS inquiries, write-back requests, and approval.