What We Do Matters: Kevin Disher

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This month, we share another story, this time from Kevin Disher, CPA, CHFP (Senior Manager, Atlanta). He talks about his personal experiences creating solutions for clients’ unique challenges and situations. 

“Quarterly federal reporting on the CMS-64 and CMS-21 is the means by which states claim federal financial participation for their Medicaid programs. Misreporting could mean less money for Medicaid expenditures, which could eventually lead to fewer health care services for the most vulnerable populations. It is vital that states claim all the funds to which they are entitled. Imagine the disaster that would befall a state if it chronically underreported Medicaid expenditures, causing more of a strain on state funds, especially in an era of rapidly increasing health care costs. The work I do can help limit some of that underreporting risk.” Kevin Disher, CPA, CHFP 

Get to Know Kevin

Kevin brings 19 years of experience to his work at Myers and Stauffer. He is in charge of federal quarterly expenditure report review engagements for Delaware, Tennessee, and Louisiana. Prior to this, Kevin conducted Georgia Medicaid nursing facility cost report reviews and examinations, led hospital financial survey reviews, and managed fieldwork for disproportionate share hospital examinations in Georgia.

He has supervised the monitoring of Georgia’s Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS), which entailed the analysis of samples of Medicaid claims to determine if reimbursement occurred according to Georgia Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids® payment policies. Kevin also completed a claim-by-claim analysis of more than 3,500 Georgia Medicaid Managed Care claims.

Kevin has completed projects such as data mining activities using Myers and Stauffer’s proprietary data warehouse to test the efficacy of the National Correct Coding Initiative edits implementation within the MMIS system. He also has experience calculating 340B ceiling prices for Georgia entities on Health Resources and Services Administration’s Medicaid exclusion list; identifying instances of fraud and abuse or other mis-payments for the recovery audit contract in Georgia; and determining if Georgia’s MMIS system edits have been updated with the appropriate ICD-10 codes.

Positive Impacts 

Myers and Stauffer is proud to help our clients serve those who are most vulnerable. Our staff feel empowered to know that their hard work and dedication each day makes a difference. We believe it and so do the millions of individuals helped by the clients we serve. We will release new stories each month highlighting associates and their stories. Follow along with our LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram for more information.