What We Do Matters: Catherine Snider

Innovation + Wellness + Value 

Every day, millions of individuals are helped by the clients we serve. To commemorate our 45th anniversary, we are posting a blog series focused on our associates and how their work makes a difference in the lives of so many. Catherine Snider, Director of Value-Based Purchasing at Myers and Stauffer, reveals a personal story about how her passion and purpose for quality health care aligns with the work she does at Myers and Stauffer. 

I have been thinking about how best to answer your question about how the work I do matters to others. In some ways, I could give you a wide array of answers. One includes being a former state employee responsible for implementing successful programs that improve the lives of people. That in and of itself would be a very true answer and is personal to me. But even more importantly, as a mother of two children, every visit to the doctor, emergency room, or hospital is about caring for your family. I have had the opportunity to see both excellent care and sub-par care. My daughter had multiple hospital stays and passed away from a blood clot during one of them. A member of our extended family passed away after having knee surgery. Every opportunity to help the health care system improve delivery is an opportunity to reduce medical errors, increase evidence-based models, and ultimately, save lives.” – Catherine Snider, Director, Value-Based Purchasing (Indianapolis)

Get to Know Catherine 

Catherine has extensive experience in public policy management ensuring Medicaid program integrity and monitoring contract compliance across Medicaid service areas. She has supported the design, implementation, and evaluation of care delivery transformation and payment models to improve population health, integrate physical and behavioral health services, and address social determinants of health. Models have included managed care entities, accountable care organizations, regionally-based multi-sector collaborations, hospital-based systems of care, and patient-centered medical homes. Catherine is experienced in the use of Section 1115(a) waiver authority to advance the use of alternative payment models, evidenced-based protocols, performance measurement, and decision-support solutions. She has led negotiations with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to ensure alignment between waiver objectives, activities, documentation, and formative and summative evaluations.

Positive Impacts 

The work we do every day helps and impacts the beneficiaries of government-sponsored health and social welfare programs. Whether it’s ensuring proper stewardship of taxpayer money that funds programs, enforcing program integrity, or improving quality and service delivery, when we help our clients succeed, some of the most vulnerable and fragile populations in the nation benefit from this. We believe it and so do the millions of individuals helped by the clients we serve.

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