Justice-Involved Services

Justice-Involved Services

State agencies and community organizations are navigating significant challenges in improving health outcomes and healthcare quality for justice-involved adults and youth by way of comprehensive reforms in delivery systems, payment models, and programmatic initiatives.

Myers and Stauffer is uniquely qualified to help our clients deliver the highest standard of care for incarcerated populations. Our team of experienced consultants include seasoned physical and behavioral health clinicians, data and information technology professionals, former state Medicaid and healthcare program administrators all bringing deep, specialized experience – making them exceptionally equipped to guide clients through transformative healthcare delivery system change in carceral settings.

As a result of our combined experience, our team is well-positioned to help state Medicaid agencies, the Department of Corrections, and the Department of Juvenile Justice in developing effective reentry policies, optimizing processes, and building a robust infrastructure.

In addition, we assist clients nationwide in capitalizing on carceral health opportunities presented by state legislation and federal health reforms. In particular, we collaborate with clients to help them meet the needs addressed through their Reentry Section 1115 Waiver Demonstration waivers. Leveraging our extensive expertise in state and federal policy, operations, and implementation, Myers and Stauffer applies a change management approach to provide robust support in identifying needs, building budget neutrality models, crafting reinvestment strategies, producing implementation plans, and developing seamless operations for smooth deployment of pre- and post-release services.

Specific services include:

Program Planning, Development and Implementation Services

  • Project Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Change Management
  • Waivers and Federal Authorities
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Collective Impact
  • Sequential Intercept Mapping
  • Medicaid Financing and Reporting
  • Rate Setting
  • Pharmacy

Population-Based Consulting Services

  • Behavioral Health
  • Crisis Care Continuum and Intervention Services Modeling and Implementation
  • Reentry Pre- and Post-Release Services and Coordination with Community-Based Services
  • Correctional Health advisory services
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) and Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Consulting Services
  • Medicaid, public health, and managed care consulting services
  • Home and Community-Based (HCBS) Services

Data and Technology Services

  • Health IT
  • Data Governance
  • Electronic Clinical Quality Measures

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