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Tennessee Average Actual Acquisition Cost (AAAC) List

The Division of TennCare, has contracted with Myers and Stauffer LC, a national accounting and consulting firm, to conduct a comprehensive survey to obtain the information necessary to assist the Bureau in transitioning to the new CMS reimbursement methodology requirements. The primary goal of the State’s contract with Myers and Stauffer LC, is to develop and maintain a comprehensive reimbursement methodology that offers TennCare pharmacy partners accuracy, consistency, and transparency in the rate setting process while complying with the new federal mandates. As new state specific AAAC rates are developed, the rates will be posted on this website. Please check this website regularly for changes to the AAAC list.

If you have trouble opening or downloading the files listed below, please contact Myers and Stauffer LC at 800-591-1183 and ask for the Tennessee pharmacy unit.

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AAAC Rate Archive

The following archive list contains the weekly AAAC rate postings for the most recent twelve months. Postings older than twelve months are available upon request at pharmacy@mslc.com. Please indicate “Historical Rate Posting Request” in the subject line of the email.

Brand AAAC Listing Archive

Generic AAAC Listing Archive

Clotting Factor AAAC Listing Archive

AAAC/Estimated 340B CP Rate Review

Below you will find helpful documents for the AAAC rate review process. If you would like to submit your rate review online, use the link at the right. Otherwise, the form is available to download below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a frequently asked questions (FAQ) document to help with common questions about the pharmacy program.