Missouri Department of Social Services

Missouri Department of Social Services

Myers and Stauffer, a certified public accounting firm that provides professional accounting, consulting, data management, and analysis services to government-sponsored health care programs, is a contractor for the Missouri Department of Social Services. This website provides information for Missouri’s cost report submission for nursing facilities, hospitals, and ground emergency medical transportation (GEMT).

Important Contact Information
Phone: 800.374.6858
Fax: 816.945.5301
Email: bhicks@mslc.com

For Nursing Facilities:
Email: MONF@mslc.com

For Hospitals:
Email: MOcostreports@mslc.com

Email: MOGEMT@mslc.com

Nursing Facility Cost Report Submission

According to 13 CSR 70-10.015, Prospective Reimbursement Plan for Nursing Facility Services, subsection (10)(A), nursing facilities are required to submit the Title XIX (Medicaid) Cost Report for Nursing Facilities on an annual basis on forms provided by the MO HealthNet Division (MHD).

Beginning with cost report periods ending on or after the month of June 2019, MHD requires the cost reports be submitted electronically on the new cost report form and, along with the required supporting documentation, submitted via Myers and Stauffer’s (MSLC) secure web portal at MOcostreports.mslc.com.

According to regulation, the cost report is due by the first day of the sixth month following the close of the nursing facility’s fiscal period. An email notification will be sent to providers approximately 30 days prior to the due date for submitting the cost report.

If you have any questions regarding the cost report or the MO HealthNet nursing facility program, you may contact MSLC by email at MONF@MSLC.com or at 800.374.6858.

Helpful Downloads for Nursing Facilities

Hospital Cost Report Submission

The Missouri HealthNet Division (MHD) has contracted with Myers and Stauffer LC (MSLC) to serve as its Medicaid hospital cost report contractor. The electronic cost report (ECR) file and related required supporting documentation should be uploaded to the cost report web portal, MOcostreports.mslc.com.

Please see the drop down to the right for an updated listing of submission requirements along with the revised Medicaid supplemental packet form and web portal registration form.

When completing the requested cost report and related forms, please be sure the certification is signed by the Officer or Administrator of the facility or the filing will be considered incomplete as indicated in 13 CSR 70-15.010, Section (5) (A) 3.

Please be advised that failure to submit the complete cost report package within the prescribed period is a violation of state regulation 13 CSR 70-15.010, Inpatient Hospital Services Reimbursement Plan; Outpatient Services Reimbursement Methodology. Failure to comply with 13 CSR 70-15.010 (5) is a program violation of which sanctions may be imposed pursuant to 13 CSR 70-3.030, Sanctions for False or Fraudulent Claims for MO HealthNet Services.

If you have any questions, you may contact MSLC by email at MOcostreports@MSLC.com or at 800.374.6858.

Ground Emergency Medical Transportation Cost Report Submission

The Missouri Ground Emergency Medical Transportation (GEMT) Uncompensated Cost Reimbursement Program is a voluntary program that allows for cost reimbursement to eligible GEMT providers who provide qualifying medical ambulance services to the Department of Social Services, MO HealthNet (MHD) participants. The program became effective on December 22, 2017, when CMS approved State Plan Amendment 17-009.

Beginning with the 2019 state fiscal year cost report period, MHD requires the cost reports and supporting documentation to be submitted electronically via Myers and Stauffer’s (MSLC) secure web portal at MOcostreports.mslc.com.

Cost reports are due five months after the end of the state fiscal year or approximately November 30.

If you have any questions regarding the GEMT cost report or program, you may contact MSLC by email at MOGEMT@mslc.com or at 800.374.6858.